FurtheMore 2019 has ended
Fur the More Staff is always available to assist you.  Please find any volunteer with a staff badge.  

The Chair team is here to listen.  If you have  a comment, compliment, complaint, or just feel like you’re not being helped appropriately, please ask any staffer to "Page-A-Chair" and one of our Chair team will come to help you as soon as possible.

General Information

If at any time you need assistance, please find the nearest staffer or visit our info booth.  You can request to speak to a Chair at any time by asking a staffer to "Page -A-Chair"

Fur the More Code of Conduct - https://www.furthemore.org/policies/code-of-conduct/

Hours of Operation
  • Pre-Registration Pick-Up (Ashgrove B)
    Thursday Mar 14 - 6pm - 10pm
    (barring any technical issues)

  • Registration Hours (Ashgrove B)
    Fri: 09:00am - 10:00pm
    Sat: 09:00am - 10:00pm
    Sun: 09:00am - 04:00pm

  • Artist Alley (Tyson's Foyer)
    Signup: Thur 7pm, Fri 11am
    Open to the public -12pm-6pm

    Signup: Fri 6pm, Sat 11am
    Open to the public -12pm-6pm

    Signup: Sat 6pm, Sun 10am
    Open to the public -11am-4pm

  • Art Show (Premiere Boardroom)

  • Convention Operations (Great Falls)

  • First Aid (Rappahanock)
    24 hours

  • Info Booth (Lobby Desk)

  • Fur the More Museum & Furry Library

  • Rangers aka Public Safety (Shenandoah)
    24 Hours

  • Tabletop Gaming  (Vienna)
    Friday:  10am - 2am
       Saturday:  10am - 2am
       Sunday: 10am - 4pm

  • Video Gaming (McLean)
24 hours beginning Friday at 12pm & Ending Sunday at 4pm
  • Marketplace

Marketplace Dealers List

GOH Huskyteer
02 SpartaDog Illustration
03 Crazdude Art & Design
04 Nightengale Needles
05 Sky RR [Breakfast Tee]
06 DarkSparkDecals & Fossil Fueled FX
07 Sorbet Jungle
08 Owlapin
09 alekivz
10 Majikcraft
11 gBlazeWear LLC
12 Moonkitty
13 Otterly Amazing
14 Rabbit Valley Comics
15 Just Fur Kicks
16 Silver Dragon Studios
17 Hopeful Monster Studios
18-19 Sciggles LLC
20 Kozy Koza
21 JenKiwi
22 Kyote Illustrations
23 Golden Druid LLC
24 Honey Sweet Stuido
25 Stuff by Delle/Valandelle
26 Lock & Key Curiosities
27 Whinges
28 poofinburd
29 Phantom Wolf Apparel & Acc.
30 Ashwolves5
31 Cute 'N Kitschy
32 Rhasputin
33 Mangopoptart
34 Ratty Creations
35 Rinibeanie Illustration
36 100pugs
37 A Thousand Rasps
38 Roamin' Bison Workshop
39 StudioBliz
40 Echoic Art
41 Art by Fate
42 Cryptovolans
43 Skullcat Studios
44 aSoulsApogee
45 Business Wolf Studio
46 MyArmCanFly
47 Moon's Creations
48 Two Tails
49 Skullcat Studios
50            Quailtea Goods